General Information

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Our institute is based at Dyslexia Action, Park House, Wick Road, Egham, Surrey TW20 0HH. In the first instance, Dutch lessons will take place on Wednesdays from 15.45 -17.15 hrs. Over this period of one-and-a-half hours TLI will work in a focused fashion, but without burdening the students too much after a busy school day. Students can bring in food and drink, which they can consume in the kitchen during a short break.Dutch Lessons

Well being:  We put a great emphasis on ensuring that our students feel comfortable and secure and that their views are respected and valued. Parents can be confident that negative behaviour and bullying will NOT be tolerated and will be dealt with immediately,

Library:  Open after the lessons (Wednesday) from 17.15 hrs.

Holidays:  A  holiday schedule will be sent to you directly as soon as this information is available.

Collaboration: As part of our service we ensure that we keep in contact with the schools our students attend. To keep fully up to date with developments in the Dutch Educational System TLI works closely with INIO (instituut Nederlands Internet Onderwijs), which offers distance learning for children residing outside the Netherlands.